Network-Value: Kindling The Next Generation Of ITSM Evolution

Chris Sargent, Co-founder and CEO In 2014, three industry veterans with 54 years of combined experience—Chris Sargent, Kevin Szabo, Stephen McFarland—decided to collate their thoughts and energy to develop a customer-centric IT Infrastructure Management solution. “The business challenge we saw was two-fold: customers struggle to keep their asset management systems up to date with accurate asset detail, and over the course of time, the disparity of this information continues to decline. Furthermore, asset management portfolios lacked actionable business intelligence,” states Sargent, CEO and co-founder of Network-Value.

With an aim to provide a closed loop and vendor-agnostic solution, Network-Value strives to address both pain points for their customers. The firm’s “Inventory Analytics” technology automatically updates the accuracy of asset data, while also providing critical lifecycle information directly from the manufacturer. Once the accurate asset information is updated, actionable business intelligence is driven directly to the customer in a closed loop business model. “We provide detailed market analytics based on actual market data and trends that enable customers to make effective decisions related to asset procurement, asset maintenance, asset transformation, and disposition,” adds Szabo, co-founder and COO at Network-Value. “We make the process cohesive to an ITSM strategy, while driving down cost and increasing efficiency.”

"We are a growing organization and we constantly push the limits of what’s out there in the marketplace"

Under the stewardship of the dynamic trio, Network-Value has been making innovative strides in the ITSM space, by tying the loose ends of an organization’s existing asset management strategy into a cohesive solution—while adding the power of real-time lifecycle management and global infrastructure market visibility. Having solved the most challenging business problems related to IT lifecycle management, through their work with equipment manufacturers, IT maintenance solution providers, and equipment brokers, the firm is now taking that success to the enterprise market.

Bringing Value to IT Asset Management

Most existing asset discovery and monitoring tools provide a real-time profile of the infrastructure health and the application service dependencies traversing the infrastructure. The Network-Value IT Managed Lifecycle has been built to integrate with existing IT discovery and management tools and take the heavy lifting associated with IT transformation off an organization’s shoulders, reducing the IT planning workload by more than 60 percent. The firm’s IT Managed Lifecycle automates the manual process of a business to increase efficiency and cut down costs in a closed loop model. Up-to-date lifecycle data is provided for every infrastructure asset on a daily basis.

Based on real-time Global Market analytics produced by the IT Managed Lifecycle Engine, organizations can plan their IT strategy proactively. Customers can manage IT asset lifecycles based on real market data, from hundreds of global suppliers, rather than based on assumption or a small sample size. Customers are notified of deviations in the market related to all facets of the asset lifecycle: procurement, maintenance, management, transformation and disposition. “Organizations can reduce their manual research time by 90 percent, as they now have access to data from multiple vendors and understand the entire global supply chain before making a decision about where, when and how to transform” mentions McFarland, CTO, Network-Value.

Revolutionizing the Lifecycle Process

The IT Managed Lifecycle solution revolutionizes an archaic, siloed, and manual approach to management of IT assets. Network-Value’s holistic, Analytics-based management model examines the lifecycle of IT assets in near real-time. “We analyze the IT asset base to determine the lifecycle requirement for each asset. With this approach, organizations can achieve the maximum amount of savings, without added risk to the business and with no sacrifice to their current SLA for performance and capabilities,” adds Sargent.

Organizations can reduce their manual research time by 90 percent, as they now have access to price quotes from multiple vendors at the click of a button

To present a better case scenario, Sargent elucidates Network-Value’s success in assisting Comm-Works, a global IT solution provider. The firm’s client was attempting to manage their lifecycle operations manually which left gaps in the business operations and the ability to control cost efficiently. The IT Managed Lifecycle solution from Network-Value provided Comm- Works the ability to add new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) streams to their managed service business, deliver global infrastructure procurement and global equipment maintenance solutions at reduced cost. All through automation and the power of integrated infrastructure assessment, asset tracking and asset disposition.

“Over the past two years, our relationship with Network-Value has grown to support the entire lifecycle of infrastructure management for our clients. The IT Managed Lifecycle has changed the way we approach our customers and the solutions we are capable of delivering,” states Alan Lampe, CEO, Comm-Works.

And that’s just the beginning of the number of organizations helped by the firm. Network-Value’s IT Managed Lifecycle solution leverages machine learning algorithms to mine millions of data points. This provides organizations with market and lifecycle details on equipment and assists them to make informed business decisions. The solution collects market data and other relevant information from partners, open source, and market analyst research to build a data warehouse relevant to Information Technology decision makers. Delivering the right data, at the right time to the business.

Furthermore, Network-Value’s IT Managed Lifecycle endows their clients with the power to drive their IT asset disposition strategy proactively—during the planning phase of their technology transformation. “The business challenge is that the operation is completely detached from the other phases of the equipment lifecycle,” adds Szabo. The clients can capture cost savings on the front end of their transformation, rather than capturing them after the transformation takes place and their assets depreciate to a minimal value. Additionally, based on real-time data analytics of the IT Managed Lifecycle Engine, the organizations can also obtain current market value across every technology domain of their data center or IT environment.

Driving a Customer-centric Innovation Strategy

Being at the forefront of delivering a novel, true-cost, automated, and dynamic model to the IT business arena, the firm believes in reinventing itself according to the needs of its clients. They believe in lending a keen ear to the requirement of their customers and allow THEM to steer the product roadmap. “We are a growing organization and constantly push the limits of what’s currently available in the marketplace to deliver unique value to our clients,” adds Szabo. With the firm’s executive team representing different experiences and backgrounds, Network- Value understands the dynamics of the IT marketplace and drives an innovation strategy suitable for the business of IT.

The firm employs a customer-centric and innovative work-culture currently focused on partnering with other organizations through integration. The IT Managed Lifecycle integrates with best of breed ITSM solution providers to strengthen IT transformation. Cloud, Hybrid IT, Hosted UCAAS and SDN are just a few of the strategic projects enhanced by adoption of the Network- Value IT Managed Lifecycle.

Szabo explains Network-Value’s success assisting TRT LLC, a Global IT Maintenance solution provider. The firm’s client was manually managing their IT Lifecycle Management and Procurement operations. Leveraging the IT Managed Lifecycle solution, Network-Value provided TRT LLC, transparency into the Global Eco-System for Procurement activities in over 60 countries. It also automated infrastructure assessments, and asset tracking over the past 9 months. “Over the past 9 months, our relationship with Network-Value has delivered on the ability to reduce time to quote, cost of global procurement and increase efficiencies in a number of areas within our organization. Additionally, the infrastructure assessment capabilities have opened the door to new pathways of generating MRR via the Branded Solution that is delivered directly to the TRT Eco- System,” states Domenic Romanelli, CEO, TRT LLC.

Moving ahead, the firm aims to take a three-pronged growth approach, namely automation, business intelligence, and integration. Network-Value plans to reduce manual intervention related to IT asset tracking and lifecycle management, deliver relevant information to the business that drives better efficiency and continued cost savings for IT planning and IT transformation. Enhancement of existing ITSM strategies deliver stronger ROI to IT organizations through tool and process integration. “These three criteria represent the core of Network- Value solutions and our day-to-day focus. Customer requests keep driving our product roadmap but we ensure that we align those requests with our core values and mission,” concludes McFarland.


Austin, TX

Chris Sargent, Co-founder and CEO and Kevin Szabo, Co-founder and COO and Stephen McFarland, CTO

The Network-Value IT Managed Lifecycle drives proactive technology transformation, cloud migration, and IT planning