OnPoint Consulting, Inc.: Commitment towards an Advanced Digital Transformation

Tim Smith, President
Federal interest in ITSM is rising for various reasons. As modern organizations try to reap the gains of more expansive ITSM commitments, Virginia-based OnPoint Consulting, Inc., the national security arm of Sapient Consulting, stands miles ahead in level and extensiveness of solutions it offers. Understanding security, OnPoint delivers secure IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Systems, Cybersecurity, and Program Management solutions for the U.S. Federal Government. With specific industry strategies and technology services for the digital transition, OnPoint addresses continually evolving security needs to ensure process continuation within all of its solutions.

ISO Certified Industry Services

Through the years, OnPoint has focused on Process Management, achieving International Organization for Standardization 9001 (ISO 9001), ISO 20000, and ISO 27000 certifications. In addition, the company was also appraised as CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 2 in 2008 and as fully compliant as CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 in 2011. This maturity rating demonstrates that OnPoint has clear, practical, and constant processes for managing requirements, decision-making, measuring performance, and risk management in its solutions development and delivery.

In addition, the OnPoint Management Team constantly reviews its internal processes for the growth and improvement of its certified management systems by active participation in system reviews, including identification and effective remedies of any nonconformity. OnPoint administers frequent internal audits, in addition to the annual surveillance audit performed by external auditors to guarantee that all management systems maintain industry compliance.

Client Success story

One of the most notable OnPoint projects where the full lifecycle of ITSM is utilized daily and is practiced exceptionally well is its Air Force National Capital Region (AFNCR) contract, which manages and administers enterprise-wide services and solutions for the Air Force. It is a 10-year and $65 million contract, under which OnPoint is providing Cybersecurity, System Administration, Asset Management, and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Solution Engineering for the Air Force.

Advanced ITSM services with Unparalleled Reliability

OnPoint’s service on AFNCR focuses on four primary areas—first is the asset management area. The company’s asset management division is overseeing mammoth projects, maintaining accountability of all the asset records. It is a highly challenging task for the OnPoint team as 65,000 assets are deployed in 20 different locations throughout the 300-mile National Capital Region. An ITSM framework is used within asset management in the warehouse department where OnPoint uses quality assurance processes on its database daily so that records are updated with 48 hours of incoming notifications and changes.

The second is the Cybersecurity area, testing for vulnerabilities in four different sectors of the Air Force in the capital region. OnPoint’s cybersecurity services ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability of customers’ information and information systems throughout the Air Force. OnPoint also provides some level of computer networking and compliance regulations.

OnPoint fulfills the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) (previously called certification and accreditation (C&A)) role within the AFNCR, which now has six management frameworks inplace, using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publications (SP) including SP 800-37, SP 800-53, and SP 800-53A; as well as DIACAP, and ICD 503

OnPoint fulfills the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) (previously called certification and accreditation (C&A)) role within the AFNCR, which now has six management frameworks in place, using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publications (SP) including SP 800-37, SP 800- 53, and SP 800-53A; as well as DIACAP, and ICD 503.

The third service is VTC and audiovisual engineering where OnPoint manages 105 different VTC and audiovisual suites in the Pentagon and other bases in the region to keep them up-to-date, supporting over 200 Air Force Officers and civilians.

In the fourth area of the contract, OnPoint does system administration for legacy applications that support different offices in the Pentagon.

All four areas of the AFNCR contract tie together the entire ITSM lifecycle and are excellent examples of what OnPoint offers and currently provides to the Air Force.

OnPoint highlights the benefits of ITSM in enhancing the customer experience. OnPoint has 31 Performance Metrics that are evaluated every month, and we have met those metrics 96% of the time, including 100% customer satisfaction scores 50 of 52 months (including 41 months in a row). Further, OnPoint’s contract has award terms, and OnPoint has achieved all of our award terms receiving Green or Blue scores (the 2nd highest and highest score) every year and all Blue scores on all seven metrics during the last review. “What makes OnPoint different is how we consistently balance customer requirements and expectations— we meet customer requirements, achieving those requirements in record time, and exceed customer expectations,” states David Hefter, Deputy PM on the AFNCR project.

The Road Ahead

With a constant focus on continuous process improvement and industry expertise, OnPoint has created and maintains a strong pipeline of opportunities and looks forward to the new work that will be coming its way in the future. Stable and increased growth for the company in the Department of Defense sector and Intelligence Community is currently the company’s primary focus and where OnPoint feels it can lend its expertise the most.

OnPoint Consulting, Inc.

Arlington, VA

Tim Smith, President

OnPoint Consulting, Inc refers to the national security arm of Sapient Consulting. The firm delivers highly secure IT infrastructure, enterprise solutions and systems for the American federal government. The specialized cyber, technology and strategy abilities are enabling OnPoint clients to change the way they function in terms of risk management and delivery of results. OnPoint holds many certifications including ISO 20000-1:2011, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 besides a CMMI Maturity Level 3 rating. The core competencies in cyber security, infrastructure services, program management and enterprise systems are the areas of strength for OnPoint

OnPoint Consulting, Inc.