Top 20 IT Service Management Tech Companies - 2017

The environment of IT world is constantly evolving due to the various technological disruptions. With the aim to adapt and innovate alongside these new developments, IT Service Management (ITSM) entails a streamlined approach to the process of IT utilization within an organization. One such instance of adapting innovation is the increasing presence of DevOps in the ITSM landscape. Closing the gap between the development aspect of an organization and the rest of the IT operations, DevOps enables a faster and reliable software development process.

Similarly, rapid cloud migration also occupies a significant place in the development of ITSM that can be attributed to advantages such as low licensing cost. Cloud computing also brings the added benefit of mobility, which enables multi-channel handling of requests through mobile, tablets or other devices. The increasing use of such devices leads to the generation of a massive amount of data that can be analyzed to provide a personalized experience for customers. The analytic tools utilized to do so are also a welcomed addition to the ITSM framework that are useful in accurate evaluation of service level agreements (SLA).

With this rapid evolution in ITSM tools, it is imperative for all the stakeholders to understand the dynamics of the market. Keeping that in mind, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts including CIO Review’s editorial board has charted out top 20 companies offering tailor-made and efficient solutions for ITSM. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that can help your business succeed.

We present to you CIO Review’s ‘20 Most Promising IT Service Management Providers - 2017.”

    Top IT Service Management Solution Companies

  • 1

    Provider of high-quality IT management services that manage the complexities of operations and integration of mission-critical and legacy systems

  • 2

    Provider of IT services for midsize and enterprise organizations that include federal, state, and local government agencies, and educational institutions

  • 3

    Transforming IT on the enterprise level with a fully integrated, organic ITSM approach

  • 4

    Provides mission critical enterprise IT service management, cyber security, data center operations, applications development, and program management for federal agencies

  • 5

    Provides automation solutions in the ITSM ecosystem

  • 6

    LightGrid, LLC focuses on the unique telecommunication challenges faced by the Federal Government and Department of Defense

  • 7

    Provider of strategic consulting and educational ITSM solutions that enable organizations to “run IT like business”

  • 8

    A woman-owned business delivering a full range of managed IT Services to a wide spectrum of vertical markets

  • 9

    nOps is modern change management for cloud, featuring workflows, CMDB, service catalogs, and DevOps integrations

  • 10

    Delivers high-end, mission critical services and future-facing technology solutions

  • 11

    The Network-Value IT Managed Lifecycle drives proactive technology transformation, cloud migration, and IT planning

  • 12

    Specializes in comprehensive, affordable and highly-responsive IT services and support for business

  • 13

    Provider of cloud based service integration solution in the ITSM landscape

  • 14

    A configurable, simple and integrated system to plan, execute, deliver & support technology using a metrics based collaborative platform

  • 15

    Provider of data-driven and automation-led ITSM solutions

  • 16

    Provides global consulting and IT services with solutions starting from strategy consulting right through to implementation of IT solutions

  • 17

    WGroup is a management consulting firm with a peer-to-peer approach to IT optimization and transformation

  • 18



    Helps customers to achieve business success through effective and efficient management of their IT services

  • 19



    Helps organizations achieve their core purpose through the use of intuitive technology that enables better, faster and more affordable innovation

  • 20



    Provides affordable, innovative, and intuitive ITSM solutions aligned with industry best practices