G2SF, INC.: Integrating ITSM in Enterprise Solution Development and Management

Gregory C. Smith, CEO & President
Gregory C. Smith, CEO and President of G2SF, has more than 30 years of experience in providing IT professional services. With stints at EDS/HP and Ernst & Young consulting, he assumed various leadership roles that contributed to his expertise in IT Service Management (ITSM) and business strategy. Shortly after leaving the “corporate world” in 2000 to start an ITSM consulting firm, he was asked by the CIO for the Washington, D.C. government to implement an IT management framework to dramatically improve data center operations. At the time, the organization lacked a standardized, repeatable, and structured approach to managing their IT infrastructure. On researching various operating models, it became apparent that virtually every IT organization managed their infrastructures differently. That is when Smith became intrigued with the British Government’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) of best practices that helps bridge the gap between an organization’s mission, and the technology required to optimize business outcomes. After successfully implementing an ITIL-based solution for the DC Government, he began to evangelize the merits of using a more standardized approach or framework to deliver technology as a “service”. Pioneering the adoption of ITIL within the United States Government helped lay the foundation for G2SF as a niche ITSM enterprise service provider.

A decade later, in addition to enterprise ITSM services, G2SF’s core competencies now include Mobility, Cybersecurity, and IT Engineering. All G2SF services are designed, developed, implemented, managed, and improved using the appropriate standards, methodologies, and/or industry best practices. “Our objective is to recommend, implement, and deliver critical services (technologies) in the most efficient and effective manner possible to meet evolving business requirements while further reducing operating costs,” says Smith. Most of G2SF’s services are focused on meeting the rapidly evolving needs of the Defense and Intelligence communities, as well as other Federal Agencies.

An example of G2SF’s implementation of an enterprise ITSM solution is the company’s current contract supporting a major Defense Agency. Years ago, this agency envisioned a common platform that could be used by military commands around the world to acquire, track, and manage critical services and assets throughout their lifecycle. G2SF implemented an ITSM system that provides over 5000 users and more than 300,000 customers at military bases, posts, and installations around the world with a single point of entry to order, procure and manage a wide-variety of core IT services and assets from virtually anywhere.

With significant expertise in enterprise level IT Service Management, Cybersecurity, and Mobility, G2SF will continue to leverage an organization’s CMDB to further enhance the quality and security of services that are delivered to the mobile community

With a highly mature configuration management database (CMDB), the system tracks and monitors over 600,000 configuration items or assets and more than 1 million relationships between these assets and the services they support. The system enables the agency to discover and bulk-import asset records into the CMDB electronically and tie assets directly to a specific contract or organization for cost accounting purposes. The advanced capabilities of the ITSM platform are unprecedented within the Department of Defense, and elsewhere within the Federal Government.

Illustrating G2SF’s implementation of a Mobility solution is the company’s ongoing project supporting an enterprise Mobility service offering that manages over 1400 domestic and international BYOD and Government-furnished devices for iOS and Android users of smartphones, wireless access cards, tablets, and other devices that have internet connectivity. G2SF’s responsibilities include operations, application and data management (Tier 1-3), mobile network monitoring and performance, and cybersecurity. G2SF’s Mobility service, considered one of the most advanced within the Federal Government, provides users with secure real-time system access anytime and from anywhere.

Furthermore, G2SF’s Cybersecurity capabilities are best represented by the company’s current contract to provide Cybersecurity, Identity and Account Management, Security Operations Center Management, Information Assurance, and Certification and Accreditation services. “With significant expertise in enterprise level IT Service Management, Cybersecurity, and Mobility, G2SF will continue to leverage an organization’s CMDB to further enhance the quality and security of services that are delivered to the mobile community,” concludes Smith.


Washington, D.C.

Gregory C. Smith, CEO & President

G2SF Inc. empowers professional IT consulting services for wide-ranging sectors including civilian agencies, intelligence and defense. The services provided by the firm include IT service management, security engineering and management, IT engineering and education, mobility engineering and management. The expert services facilitated by G2SF’s involvement have enabled its clients to bring in measurable improvements in operational capabilities. In addition, clients have experienced reduced sustainment costs besides substantial improvement in their services. The G2SF services are managed and deployed using the best standards and practices available in the project management sector