J.I.T. Resources & Solutions: Driving Success with ServiceNow Expertise

Jeffrey Nicoll, CEO
When it comes to deployment of ITSM platforms, the seasoned IT veteran and his company can perfectly align investments with business goals by choosing the ServiceNow platform along with experienced implementation and management services. J.I.T. assists clients to design, implement, train, optimize, and manage the ServiceNow platform, to automate companies’ IT departments and business processes.

“It is not about implementing a tool as much as understanding the roadmap about where the clients want to go, and how they can leverage the platform to help achieve their end-results. That is a key focus of ours to ensure our clients’ success,” Jeffrey Nicoll, the CEO of J.I.T. Resources & Solutions (J.I.T.), explains. “In the IT space, a real challenge lies in getting your organization to adopt the processes that come along with a new tool or platform.” says Nicoll. J.I.T. brings its rich domain and ServiceNow technical expertise to the table, combined with extensive transition management experience, plus a vast library of intellectual property and proven methodology, that together allow faster, more effective deployments. J.I.T. leverages the ServiceNow platform to bridge the gap between business and IT.

Since its inception almost a decade ago, J.I.T. has guided its own clients in adopting ServiceNow, and joined forces with ServiceNow Professional Services as well as the majority of the partners in the ServiceNow ecosystem. It has led and contributed to projects of all sizes by providing experts in all ServiceNow product lines, with in-depth understanding of how most IT departments work.

Reflecting on the cookie-cutter/accelerator approach, Nicoll says, “Historically, we followed a best-practices approach to the applications and the services on the platform. Experience has evolved best-practices into what we call good-practices. They are a functional starting point that leaves room for the client’s specific needs.” While deploying services is just one step in leveraging the full strength of ServiceNow, J.I.T. is focused on realizing the core value that can be attained by continuous adoption.

Experience has evolved best-practices into what we call good-practices. They are a functional starting point that leaves room for the client’s specific needs

In a recent project, a large global distribution company outsourced J.I.T. in a limited scope to manage the deployment of a pre-defined ServiceNow environment. However, as the client encountered knowledge restrictions concerning the existing architecture plan, J.I.T. effectively guided the client in the process of mapping out the future state of their environment, leveraging the platform. This collaboration and J.I.T.’s experienced team capable of performing all of the new scope led the client to outsource the entire re-architecture responsibility to J.I.T.

Governed by a mission to maximize the client’s investment in their ServiceNow platform, the company has designed the J.I.T. CARE Managed Services program wherein J.I.T.’s technical experts provide a range of administrative and configuration services, and leverage the clients’ business knowledge to truly align its business using the ServiceNow platform capabilities. J.I.T. provides this managed service offering for small, medium, and large companies that would like to adopt more of the ServiceNow platform capabilities.

Currently, J.I.T. looks forward to continuing its growth in the ITSM automation space, along with capabilities in ITOM, CSM, HR, SecOps, ITBM, custom applications, and integrations. “The growth in our solutions, domain-separated MSP (managed service provider), and staffing practices, continue to help resolve our clients’ technology and business challenges with automation, year over year,” concludes Nicoll.

J.I.T. Resources & Solutions

Glen Ellyn, IL

Jeffrey Nicoll, CEO

Based in the greater Chicagoland, JIT caters to clients spread across the United Kingdom and North America. Since its inception in 2010, JIT has been serving the ServiceNow community. JIT has accumulated over 200,000 hours of hands-on experience in designing, deploying, and managing the ServiceNow platform for its clients. The Architect, Implement and Maintain (AIM) offering from JIT is precisely designed for enterprises interested in speeding up process maturity and automating enterprise service delivery. Further, the ARU offering is for enterprises interested in following strategic plans to evolve ServiceNow platform

J.I.T. Resources & Solutions