NetBrainTechnologies: Reducing the Cost and Risk Of Hybrid Network Operations

LingpingGao, Founder & CEO
Despite huge advancements in the technologies that deliver hybrid cloud-connected enterprise networks, the day-today operation of them remains mired in bespoke human processes and operational inefficiencies. And no wonder, since the way networks are managed hasn’t changed significantly in decades: a limited number of network experts spend countless hours solving the same operational problems over and over using the most basic command-line interfaces, one piece of equipment at a time. The result is network infrastructures that are drowning in overhead costs, more difficult to support, and incurring an increased level of risk over time.

Having extensive experience as a network architect in the financial industry, Lingping Gao saw this gap as a troubling problem. Dedicated to alleviating this issue, he built NetBrain Technologies, which has since become a market leader for NetOps through automation. Today, a third of the Fortune 500 relies on NetBrain to modernize and scale the management of their network infrastructure.

“We offload the human dependency of network management, capturing human expertise once and then enabling it to be executed by machine,” says Gao, founder and CEO of NetBrain. “Through automation, we prevent most outages and accelerate problem remediation over the lifespan of any hybrid network.”

NetBrain’s Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS), its network automation and visibility platform, manages every hybrid network from the top-down by focusing on network design intended behaviors. NetBrain looks at every network as the foundation to deliver all of any business’ applications and services and manages to those outcomes.

NetBrain’s PDAS is well-equipped to support the pressing network intricacies affecting cloud-connected enterprises today. NetBrain’s patented approach automates remediation of up to 95 percent of network service tickets, and eliminates more than half of problems before they impact the production network and the business it supports.

NetBrain’s pioneering use of network intents for the NetOps function is the key to its success. Along with outage prevention and ticket acceleration, the NetBrain platform springs into action the moment any issue is reported, verifies security policies are in place and performing as designed, and through auto-discovery, offers a real-time level of hybrid cloud network visualization not previously found anywhere.
NetBrain’s core technology encodes every element of hybrid network architecture, from edge to cloud, into a multitude of design intents, based on the needs of the applications that reside upon the network. It then uses automation to detect configuration drift, performance deterioration, compliance issues, and other conflicts, identifying service delivery issues before they can affect the network. This simplifies network administration and improves IT service delivery performance with fewer disruptions and service degradations, significantly reducing clients’ mean time to repair (MTTR) and its operational the costs.

PDAS comes with an extensive library of pre-built automation units which can be applied to the vast majority of network infrastructure issues, regardless of the underlying manufacturers of the equipment to solve operations at scale. It also allows in-house subject matter experts to encode their own experiences, and share that experience with their peers, dramatically reducing escalations and delays associated with those escalations.

We offload the human dependency of network management, capturing human expertise once and then enabling it to be executed by machine

NetBrain’s offerings steer ahead of competitors because of its vendor agnostic approach to delivering solutions. Using its devicedriver style access model, NetBrain encompasses all of the modern networking technologies and platforms. While other vendors focus on offering solutions for individual products or topologies, NetBrain enables clients to manage the business services that traverse the entire cloud-connected infrastructure in one platform.

It’s no surprise that over 2,500 large enterprises and managed service providers worldwide use NetBrain PDAS to prevent outages, automate remediation, provide real-time network documentation, and verify network security policies and controls.

In essence, NetBrain enables the discovery of every aspect of any hybrid network, transforming it into a robust digital twin, and then layers upon that digital model the long list of applicationdriven business requirements of the network. As a result, network operators and engineers can maintain the integrity of their network seamlessly by managing their intended results.


Burlington, MA

LingpingGao, Founder & CEO

NetBrain transforms hybrid cloud-connected networks into a real-time digital twin, then layers on the list of application-driven business requirements of the network. Network operators and engineers can then maintain the integrity of their network by managing to their intended results.